CunninLynguists over Haagse hiphop CunninLynguists over Haagse hiphop

"You won’t hear anything like this in the States"

, Peter Oostinga,

CunninLynguists over Haagse hiphop

"You won’t hear anything like this in the States"

Peter Oostinga, ,

De Amerikaanse hiphopformatie CunninLyguists met speciale gast Cashmere the Professional was door stichting AIGHT, Hiphopinjesmoel en Soul Control naar Nederland gehaald om twee exclusieve shows te geven. De heren werden in de Def Beats Studio nog even aan een luistertest onderworpen met diverse Haagse hiphop op het menu.

"You won’t hear anything like this in the States"

Onlangs waren de heren van CunninLynguists te gast in Speakers. In dit Delftse popcentrum gaven ze, volgens diverse aanhangers, een legendarische show. Hun gast Cashmere the Professional liet ook zien wat hij kon en overtuigde het publiek dusdanig dat hij al zijn meegebrachte EP’s uitverkocht. Een paar dagen later hadden de heren een vrije dag en werden ze uitgenodigd om in Def Beats Studio mee te werken aan een luistertest. Ze kregen hier tracks voor hun kiezen van enkele Haagse hiphopgroepen die momenteel aktief zijn. Artiest: Bleek Titel: Knallen “Yo, this track is bangin’. I don’t know what the fuck he’s talkin’ about but it’s hype. Good flow and the beat is tight, this is the way I like to hear tracks. Startin’ off with something you can’t really predict what’s gonna happen and it developes into a slammin’ track. In one word: tight!” Artiest: Lingwistikz Titel: Terrorist Radio “Damn, that shit’s rockin’ like muhfucka! Lots of enery in there. You won’t really hear anything like this in the States, because it’s just so loud and hard. The hard stuff is more like gangsta shit, youknow? You got cats like Non Phixion doin’ this type of shit but I think that’s not even to be compared to this stuff.” Artiest: Pick Pockets Titel: Heat “Is this a fan of Eminem? That’s quite clear, I think. The beats sounds clear and all that but I find the voice a little annoying. Like nagging, youknow? It’s not really my type of thing, that’s for sure. Flow is clearly influenced by Eminem. I mean, you can be a fan of someone but try to flip it your own way, youknow? I wouldn’t go out and buy this coz these things would be fuckin’ my head up everytime I listen to it.” Artiest: Headliners Titel: What Makes Me Snap “This is original stuff, man. Good beat and a tight ass flow. Funny pronounciation this dude got. Still I could be playing this in my walkman, would enjoy it man. Energetic too, like gettin’ me up and do stuff youknow? Yeah man, energy, that’s what it’s all about.” Artiest: Coup deVillz Titel: Chaingang “Aight, sounds ok. It’s not really I’m into but still it’s ok. Productionwise it’s quite weak and these guys also have the pronounciation thing going on. Is it like an accent or something? The sound quality is also a little poor, this is probably recorded at a homestudio isn’t it? Anyway, it’s nice but that’s it.” Artiest: Supreme Court Titel: Justify this “Cool track. Relaxed but still hard like that. I like the diversity in the voices and rhymestyles. It’s a little long without any break or chorus whatsoever. I would try to avoid that myself but it’s not my track, youknow? Like if one rapper would rap these lines in one verse you’d be bored as hell.” Artiest: Retlines, Bleach & Snizza Titel: CTRL-ALT-DEL “Oh shit! This is a headnodder for sure. Can’t keep my head still when listenin’ to this. Diverse flows takin’ over fast is good. Keep it comin’. One guy got some of that accent again. The scratches are tight too. Yeah, it’s nice like for pumpin’ in my car and shit. Keep up the good work!”

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