Guesslist: 2 tickets for Sonic Soirée #29

Rock from the Low Countries with Aestrid, Too Tangled en Stadt

Robbie van Zoggel ,

In the beginning of 2015 de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam based Flemish centre of visual and performing arts, will celebrate its 30th edition of Sonic Soirée, the monthly band night for emerging live music from The Netherlands and Flanders. 

To not get uncomfortable waiting for that occasion and get mentally prepared for the next freezing winter weeks you can join edition #29, this Thursday december 4th. Brakke Grond will host three excellent rock bands: Aestrid, a succesfull band from Utrecht, Stadt, the best kept musical secret from Gent and sweet but firm male/female duo Too Tangled.

Guess is more, so take this challenge to win 2 spots for the concert:
From which city in Flanders is the band Stadt?
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The winner will be confirmed by email on Thursday December 4th - 11.57 uur.