#ESNS16 In opmaat naar Grunnsonic met: KIN

"We like hard grooves and strange little noises and time theory - does that help?"

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Geen kaarten voor Eurosonic Noorderslag kunnen regelen? Geen nood. In opmaat naar Eurosonic Noorderslag stellen we zoveel mogelijk noordelijke acts aan je voor die op Grunnsonic zullen spelen. De concerten zijn gratis toegankelijk en het talent ligt er voor het oprapen! Aan de hand van een paar vragen, foto's en uiteraard muziek, maak je hier kennis met de Grunnsonic-acts. Vandaag stellen we je voor aan: KIN.

Waar en wanneer spelen jullie tijdens ESNS/Grunnsonic?
We play January 14th in Warhol at 23.00 hours.

Wat voor muziek maken jullie?
This is a hard one. The press release says post-rock, trip-hop, dream-noise. We play guitars. We like hard grooves and strange little noises and time theory. Does that help?

Hoe is KIN ontstaan en hoe lang bestaat de act al?
We started doing things together in 2011 after Kim moved to Groningen from Manchester; developed from a backing band for KIN, the solo project, to KIN the band about two years ago. We’ve been making stuff as such since then.

Wie is jullie muzikale held en waarom?
There are really too many to name and it depends which one of us you speak to. Mine (Kim R. Foster) would be Deerhoof. They have a way of throwing something that you’ve never heard before in with something you’ve heard a billion times. They have tension and release down to an art. They can be political without sounding pious. They can be witty without being whimsical and arty without being pretentious dicks. Utterly friendly people too.

Wat heeft 2015 de band gebracht?
We released our first album together, SLOWTV in September. It managed to receive a 5 star review in Music Maker and some other nicely written praise. It’s come as some surprise that we’re actually still happy with the album. Some other people seem to genuinely like it too. So that’s nice. Before that, we wrote a song for Groninger Museum called Horses Get Restless which is kind’ve about PTSD and kind’ve not. We also got to perform in the museum itself which was a strange but rewarding experience. Then, we took part in the 2015 edition of Popronde and got to see the inside of a nice handful of strange venues across the vast, farmed and flat landscape of the Netherlands. We played some lovely support slots and a few shows besides that while gathering some very kind support along the inebriated way.

Wat zijn de plannen voor 2016?
We’re already writing the next album and plan to start recording at some-unnameable-point in 2016. In-between, we want to hit some nice festivals and play as many shows as we can stuff in our mouths. That way, we can hopefully keep the learning curve pointing upwards and get better at what we do.

Waarom moet iedereen naar jullie optreden komen?
Because they would like their brains to be broken by our massive bass, orchestral-type guitars and driving breaks. In a friendly way.

Wat hopen jullie dat Grunnsonic jullie zal brengen?
Self-release is all very noble and everything but that extra support with the launch of our current album would have been most welcome. So, if anyone of that ilk happens to be around and happens to stumble into Warhol on a Thursday night and happens to find some enjoyment in what we do and at least seems nice, then…

Waar in Groningen zouden jullie graag (nog) een keer willen optreden en waarom?
Vera is probably our favourite but we play there supporting New Madrid on 8th January. Any Lepel Concert too. We’d do that again in a heartbeat. Besides that, maybe something in the Martinitoren. We could install a PA at the top, poking out over Grote Market; put the amps and drum kit on the steps as you go up and compose some sort of grime/gabba opus that we will then proceed to shower over the unsuspecting heads of the hard-working people of the city.

Welke andere lokale act die ook op Grunnsonic staat, vinden jullie tof en waarom?
We like Santa Fé. Because they’re lovely and they make that clever kind of psych-pop that sticks deliciously to your brain for days even after just one listen.