Director´s commentary: Flying Lotus twittert met zijn album mee

Alle tweets op een rij met de tracks erbij

Atze de Vrieze ,

"I'm gonna listen to #untilthequietcomes from the beginning and do a commentary on it if you want to listen together." Producer Flying Lotus is trots op zijn nieuwe album Until The Quiet Comes, het 3voor12 album van de week van vorige week. Hij besloot het nog eens op te zetten en integraal mee te twitteren. "60 sec..."

all in/ this song was the hardest to mix. i worked on this joint till the last day. its one of those tracks id hear and feel so connected to

theres several versions of this song. i still feel like i JUSSSST got the mix right on it. barely.u can hear @nikalotta on this, and thunder

getting there this story is way too long to tweet. but this is a song that me and @nikalotta worked on from the ground up. many mixes later

i made this in reason.. i almost gave this beat to @elzhi

until the colours... i imagined being 7 years old in a floating bathtub that popping noise u hear at 30sec are the bubble jets

heave(n) is a track i made shortly after watching the ancient aliens documentary. this track makes me think of the alien influence in egypt

i made a video out of national geographic footage. its on youtube somewhere.. this is another reason track

tiny tortures is a song i made trying to make music quietly so nobody could hear me.hate making music around people. its my mischievous song

thundercat nailed his parts in 1 take

this is also the first track that i used reason 6.

a video is coming out for this song very soon. its a trippppppp

'all the secrets' comes from that same universe of thought but this is a sad song to me. reminds me of hurting girls i cared about.

it used to be called 'roaring closet' but i didn't want anyone to assume anything other than secrets.. y'all know how the internet do

sultans request is one of those tunes thats so old I'm so glad its out. i been playing this song for almost 3 years in my live show

the 2nd part of it is actually something i was working on for M.I.A

i started hookin up w diplo and switch and i was inspired to write something for that world that was still me.

putty boy strut almost didn't make the album. i thought it was too easy too poppy. then brandon coleman on keys at the end saved it

if i could george lucas my album in 20 years id cut the end sample off before the string section came in.

was back and forth about that for a while

see thru to u was a track me thunder and dorian concept were working on. i think we finished it the day erykah came to visit.

it took me a while to get over erykahs presence. she reminded me of my mother in a lot of ways.she's the real deal tho.she killed every take

it used to be called ... 'see thru to titties glasses'


i think she would have wanted me to keep that title.. thats how cool she is

the end of this song came from using the outtakes and playing rhodes

thats when i started getting into ableton heavy

untilthequietcomes is a track i did for erykah as well. i made this for the album she and i was talking about making.

recorded that vocal texture as a placeholder to inspire the end she didn't do anything with the track.I think it would have been cool

dmt song. thundercat was inspired to write about his experience. when he wrote the words i couldn't imagine the pocket. i was like..ummm

then he and austin peralta linked up and they figured out the melody and it made all types of sense

there was some drama about that for a while cuz everyone wanted it for their own albums.

niki randa did backups and we are both singing "DEEE EMM TEEEEE" at that part

nightcaller is a tune i wrote with thundercat very quickly it was one of those synergetic things that happened without words.

he's the only artist I've ever had a psychic connection to. theres nothing like it

samiyam and me made the 2nd half of the nightcaller maybe 4-5 years ago in northridge we both forgot about it till i was digging up sessions

what key is that in?

only if you wanna is the most recent tune on the album i made that right before i had to deliver the album

obvious stereolab influence on this. gene coye on the drums thundercat singing textures. i sing the textures at the end

the part at 1:16 is one of my favorite parts of the album

electric candyman.this beat was done ages ago out of the sessions i was preparing when i was supposed to work w burial. always loved it.

thom and me always send tracks back and forth he was supposed to sing on another song till i sent this over

he had to record it while he was out on tour. admittedly i was nervous the vocal was too straightforward

some people complain its not obvious thom but i think thats why he likes working w me. I'm not afraid of his voice :)

the 2nd part of it was something i wanted to pass to bjork

hunger... i was asked to write a demo for one of the twilight soundtracks. i had a moral dilemma with this but nik and i tried anyway


we loved it.the foundation of the song comes from when some friends and i went out to the desert and tripped on mushrooms at the integretron

the 2nd part is from loving jonny greenwoods soundtracks me nik and thunder just jammed one night for fun on it .

one of those spontaneous things that we just rolled with

phantasm was originally caravan of delight. i always imagined laura on this song. she's my lucky charm. this is my favorite of our songs.

'amputate the fantasy' gives me chills jeez. niki randa recorded a demo for this song that i tucked in this mix

theres a version of this with more strings and swells but i wanted the strings to be more subtle on this album than cosmo.

this song reminds me of taking piano lessons with the homie eli at silverlake conservatory of music @flea333

me yesterday is one of those tunes that almost didn't make it actually. i was nervous about people hearing my singing

sad song .. reminds me of all the times i wish i could have just said all the things i should have

i always imagined a crazy video for this song. id need so much loot to make it. if this album turns out to be a hit maybe ill get to hahah

was so hard to get the thundercat bass in the mix the way i wanted and to still keep the space. this is around when i committed to ableton

i almost thought about ending the album here

dream to me is a track i made the morning after i bought a microkorg i made this and 'camera day' the same day

me and nik and thunder doing vocals in there tucked WAY quietly

the way the strings end on this shocked me we recorded that part and it just gave me chillllllls hearing it

so anyway sorry for trolling on your timeline. I'm just excited about this album man! i been working on this shit forever

I'm sorry if u hate it.but i put out the things that mean something to me. funny thing is near the end there were 60 tracks in consideration

the album art was supposed to be done by chris cunningham we did some things but he was really busy and we couldn't agree on the right thing

these are some selects

B+ shot the cover in the end along w steven serrato and dan (of kozyndan) this is something else i liked for the cover